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You got Milked

Here comes Sickness

Seminar Topics:

  • You Got Milked
  • Please Pass the Sugar... Diabetes
  • The Constitution of Constipation
  • How Clean is Unclean
  • Introducing My Friend Uncle Arthur (Arthritis)
  • When Heart Attack
  • The Best Part of Waking Up... Coffee
  • A New Prescription (Pharmaceuticals)
  • Is Red Meat Really Red?
  • Here Comes the Sun
  • Where's the Rest of My Sleep?
  • Never Thirst Again (Water)

The Constitution of Constipation

Health Speaks

What is "From Sickness to Health"?

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Many believe that Type II Diabetes is a disease that is passed on entirely through genetics.

Learn about the dangers of red meat

Please Pass the Sugar… Diabetes

Who doesn’t love a cold glass of milk with a few cookies? No one can deny that this is delicious. But this episode raises a different question: What happens physiologically when cow’s milk enters the body.


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Constipation. It is a subject that few enjoy talking about. After all, who likes sharing their personal, bathroom business?

From Sickness to Health is an informative yet comedic approach to healthy living. The program is geared for all types of people to empower individuals with knowledge on health and educate them on how to make those healthy choices.

Learn about the restorative power of sleep